Department of Criminology

Department of Criminology

The Department of Criminology is the oldest research unit at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It was established in 1955, upon the initiative of professor Stanisław Batawia, who was an outstanding scholar and the founder of the Polish school of criminology.

The studies conducted by the Department of Criminology have always had interdisciplinary character, covering the legal, sociological, psychological, educational and medical perspectives. The key topics studied by the employees of the Department have included diagnosis of criminality in Poland, with a focus on characteristics of particular crimes and categories of perpetrators, juvenile crime, recidivism, and social maladjustment of children and youth, restorative justice, victimisation, and since recently – crimmigration and crimes linked to development of new technologies. The Department analyses the issue of changes in defining crime and changeability of criminalisation scope. It takes part in the discussion on the phenomena of reacting to crime, as well as it attempts to assess the possible changes that could contribute to abandonment of isolative punishment. For many years, scholars from the Department have been involved in work of the legislative commissions and the working groups responsible for formulating the law amendments.

In 2018, the Departments’ studies refer to the topic of criminology facing the challenges of changing societies. They include research focused on both the perpetrators (in particular, in the area of criminality of women and pornography) and victims of criminal acts. The victimological perspective becomes more and more important topic of the Department’s studies related to psychological and social aspects of victims’ functioning. Another studied issue covers the criminality of juveniles, as well as the purposes and rules of treating juveniles by the courts. The next current research topic refers to execution of imprisonment. Also, processes linked to human mobility and international migrations seen from criminological perspective are in the scope of the Department’s studies.

The Department of Criminology is the editor of the “Archives of Criminology” (Archiwum Kryminologii), a scientific journal published first in 1960. In 2018, the XL volume of the journal is issued. “The Bulletin of the Polish Association of Criminology of Professor Stanisław Batawia” (Biuletyn Polskiego Towarzystwa Kryminologicznego im. prof. Stanisława Batawiii) is the second journal issued by the Department, together with the Polish Society of Criminology of Professor Stanisław Batawia.

Research projects conducted by the Department:

  • „Criminality and crime control in social and political reality” funded by National Science Centre, Poland; duration: 2009-2013; principal investigator: professor Anna Kossowska; researchers: Konrad Buczkowski, Beata Czarnecka-Dzialuk, Witold Klaus, Anna Kossowska, Irena Rzeplińska, Paulina Wiktorska, Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst, Dobrochna Wójcik;
  • “SIC – Module Multi-task System of Identification of Foreigners with a Module of Risk Analysis of Victims of Human Trafficking” funded by the National Centre of Research and Development; coordinated by the Criminology Department at the Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences; partners: University of Białystok, Medcore sp. z .o.o.; duration: 2014-2017; principal investigator: professor Irena Rzeplińska; researchers: Agnieszka Gutkowska, Witold Klaus, Barbara Namysłowska-Gabrysiak, Irena Rzeplińska, Monika Szulecka, Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst
  • “Mechanisms of creation and development of criminal careers” funded by National Science Centre, Poland; duration: 2017-2020; principal investigator: professor Irena Rzeplińska, researchers: Konrad Buczkowski, Witold Klaus, Irena Rzeplińska, Monika Szulecka, Paulina Wiktorska, Justyna Włodarczyk-Madejska, Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst
  • “Ensuring the safety and public order as a justification of criminalisation of migration” funded by National Science Centre, Poland; duration: 2018-2021; principal investigator: professor Witold Klaus; researchers: Witold Klaus, Monika Szulecka
  • “Victimisation of homeless people in Poland” funded by National Science Centre, Poland, 2018; principal investigator: professor Witold Klaus
  • „Polish migrants deported from the UK” funded by the British Academy; duration: 2018; principal investigator: professor Witold Klaus; investigators: Witold Klaus, Agnieszka Martynowicz