Academic staff

Prof. Dr Witold Klaus

PhD in law, professor at the Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences (Head of the Department of Criminology), researcher in the Centre of Migration Research at Warsaw University; a lawyer and criminologist; President of the Board of the Association for Legal Intervention.
Main areas of academic interest cover: criminology, victimology, criminal policy, human rights, refugee and immigrant rights, migration policy, juvenile and restorative justice.


  • 2009 second prize for the best legal Ph.D. thesis awarded by one of the leading Polish legal journal called “State and Law” [“Państwo i Prawo”]
  • 2009 Social Nobel Prize by Ashoka Foundation – Innovators for the Public


  • 2018 – British Academy Visiting Fellowship, Edge Hill University, UK
  • 2015 – Scholarship of the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany
  • 2012 – Alumnae of The US Department of States International Visitor Leadership Program (Human Trafficking and Forced Labour).

Selected publications:


  • W. Klaus, Przemoc ze strony najbliższych w doświadczeniach życiowych uchodźczyń. Analiza kryminologiczna [Intimate partner violence in the lifecourse of refugee women. A criminological approach], Wydawnictwo Naukowe „Scholar”, Warszawa 2016
  • K. Buczkowski, B. Czarnecka-Dzialuk, W. Klaus, A. Kossowska, I. Rzeplińska, P. Wiktorska, D. Woźniakowska-Fajst, D. Wójcik, Criminality and Criminal Justice in Contemporary Poland. Sociopolitical Perspectives, Ashgate 2015
  • W. Klaus, Dziecko przed sądem. Wymiar sprawiedliwości wobec przestępczości młodszych nieletnich [Youth before the court. Justice system for the younger juveniles], Wydawnictwa Naukowe i Profesjonalne Warszawa 2009 (1st editon), Wydawnictwo ŁośGraf 2012 (2nd edition)

Articles (published in English):

  • W. Klaus, M. Lévay, I. Rzeplińska, M. Scheinost, Refugees and asylum seekers in Central-European Countries – reality, politics and the creation of fear in societies, w: H. Kury, S. Redo (red.), Refugees and Migrants in Law and Policy Challenges and Opportunities for Global Civic Education, Springer 2018, s. 457-494.
  • A. Gliszczyńska-Grabias, W. Klaus, “Governmental Xenophobia” and Crimmigration: European States’ Policy and Practices towards “the Other”, “No-Foundations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Law and Justice” 2018, vol. 15, s. 74-100.
  • W. Klaus, Closing gates to refugees. The causes and effects of the ‘2015 migration crisis’ on border management in Hungary and Poland, “The Yearbook of the Institute of East-Central Europe” 2017, vol. 15(3), s. 41-64.
  • W. Klaus, Families as a collective abuser. A case of family violence against Chechen refugee women in Poland, „Studia Migracyjne – Przegląd Polonijny” 2017, nr 3 (165), s. 89-108
  • W. Klaus, Security First – New Right-Wing Government in Poland and its Policy Towards Immigrants and Refugees, “Surveillance and Society” 2017, vol. 15, issue 3/4, s. 523-528
  • W. Klaus, I. Rzeplińska, D. Woźniakowska-Fajst, Victimisation and delinquency of minors in Central-European countries, w: H. Kury, S. Redo, E. Shea (red.), Women and Children as Victims and Offenders: Background – Prevention – Reintegration. Suggestions for Succeeding Generations (Vol. 1), Springer 2016, s. 791-820.
  • W. Klaus, K. Buczkowski, P. Wiktorska, Empowering the victims of crime: a real goal of the criminal justice system or no more than a pipe dream?, w: G. Meško, J. Tankebe (red.), Trust and Legitimacy in Criminal Justice. European perspectives, Springer, Cham-Heidelberg-New York-Dordrecht-London 2015, s. 65-92.
  • W. Klaus, D. Woźniakowska-Fajst, Protecting women against violence – a global challenge, w: A. Filip, M. Platzer (red.), Femicide. Volume III: Targeting of Women in Conflict, Academic Council on the United Nations System, Vienna 2015, s. 83-88.
  • W. Klaus, Forced Female Migrants as Victims of Violence in Poland, w: S. Domazetoska, M. Platzer, G. Plaku (red.), Femicide. A Global Issue that Demands Action. Volume II, Academic Council on the United Nations System, Vienna 2014, s. 109-113.
  • A. Kossowska, K. Buczkowski, W. Klaus, I. Rzeplińska, D. Woźniakowska-Fajst, The role of politicians and the media in society’s perception of crime, w: A. Šelih, A. Završnik (red.), Crime and Transition in Central and Eastern Europe, New York-Heidelberg-Dordrecht-London, Springer 2012, s. 37-63.
  • W. Klaus, I. Rzeplińska, D. Woźniakowska-Fajst, Punitivity In Polish Law, Public Oppinion, And Penal Policy, w: H. Kury & E. Shea (red.), Punitivity. International Development. Vol. 2: Insecurity and Punitiveness, Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer, Bochum 2011, s. 245-268.


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Institute of Law Studies Polish Academy of Sciences

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